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Preface - Preface Your Face
Introduction - Welcome to the Microcontroller
Digital Input and Output - Pivotal Digital

Microcontroller Hardware

Power Supply - uC Have The Power
Basic Hardware - Hardware Aware

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Effect Articles

Solder Fume Extractor - How to build a solder fume extractor for cheap and quickly.
SMDesy - A cheap and easy way to make SMD boards.
Scope Expose - A scope view of the Big Muff Pi effect.
Opamp-eration - Converting Opamps to work in Signal or Split Supplies
Jiggerealla - Drilling Jig
Recoil - Winding Pickups
Rock N Control - Controlling Effects from Remote Locations
Lost In State - Controlling Power Up State
Follow Debouncing Ball - Switch Debouncing
Wicked Switches - Electronic Switching
Etching Boards - Iron Away Your Peel n' Blues
Super Y - Snow Day

Effect Projects

Two Lane

Simple distortion with variable clipping control.

Black Top

All tube high voltage octave up.

Finish Line

Simple crossover / non-selective frequency tripler distortion.

Thunder Alley

Fuzz Face variant that uses optotrasistors.

Zonk Against The Machine

The classic Zonk Machine converted to Si transistors with new controls.


MOSFET based noise box with touch control parameter.


Crossover-like Distortion


Dynamic Power Supply Sag Simulator


CMOS Based Extreme Distortion


Low voltage tube tremolo with three band EQ, adjustable boaster, wide speed range, and effective depth control. Uses two 12A*7 tubes.


Payback v1.1

ISD1600B based looping sampler with many of the same features of Payback v1.0 including bypass/playback switch, record on demand, record during bypass, vibrato, record/playback indicator, and safe switch. Improvements include smaller circuit size, decreased circuit complexity, simpler record switching, and easier to implement vibrato. Not included features from Payback v1.0 are multiple recorderings, phase switch, boasted output level, vibrato indicator, and as long recording times available.

Payback v1.0

ISD2500 based looping sampler with bypass/playback switch, record on demand, record during bypass, vibrato, multiple recordings, record/playback indicator, vibrato indicator, safe switch, phase switch, and other features.

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point v2.1

Update of Vanishing Point v2.0. Improved random mode with no optocoupler required and added beat feature. Simplified sequence/random mode switching. Other corrections, modifications, and suggestions also included.

Vanishing Point v2.0

Sequencer with 10 stages, stage selector, manual reset, and a random mode. No Filter included.

Vanishing Point v1.0 (A.K.A. The Original Vanishing Point)

Sequence Filter with 4 stages, chase, bounce, and pattern modes. Filter included.

Downloads - Schematics, PCBs, Layouts, and other junk.

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