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Crossover-like Distortion

Blade Schematic

Blade uses a diode bridge recitifer in the feedback loop of an inverting opamp to create crossover-like distortion. There are five controls. Drive adjusts how much signal is fed into the loop, Depth controls how strong the effect is, Sym (Pos) and Sym (Neg) affects the symentry of the signal by setting the level on the positive and negative sweeps of the signal, and a Level output control.

You can see what Blade and it’s controls do in these scope shots:

Clean input signal

Blade engaged with depth at full

Blade with depth at half

Blade with depth at zero

Blade with Sym (Pos) at half

Blade with Sym (Pos) at zero

Blade with Sym (Neg) at zero

Blade with Drive at half

Blade with Drive at near zero

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