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MOSFET based noise box with touch control parameter

At Forsaken’s heart is a MOSFET based one-shot timer. The incoming audio signal is amplified by an very high gain opamp stage to proved a trigger source for the one-shot timer. The audio output is the output of the timer. The length of the timer’s pulse can be adjusted thus the frequency at which it can respond. This provides a variety of weird sounds such as octaves, glitches, pitch shifting, and straight up distortion.

At certain frequency some notes can become lost so I added a bonus feature, a touch activated frequency switch. Another MOSFET configured as EM sensor with it’s gate biased by the “Sensitivity” control connects to a touch surface like a metal plate. When approached by a EM field, like from part of your body, it produces a high output. This output feeds another MOSFET that works as a switch bypassing the “Freq Min” control. This allows the possibility of switching between the min and max settings while playing. If conditions are right for the touch sensor you can produce gradients between the min and max settings. The touch sensor if configured properly should be able to sense through foot ware like socks and shoes. There is a LED indicator for the touch sensor to help you set the sensitivity and see what frequency the effect is currently set at.

Forsaken Schematic

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