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Zonk Against The Machine

The classic Zonk Machine converted to Si transistors with new controls.

  • Convert from Ge to Si
  • Convert from PNP to NPN
  • Convert to negative ground from positive ground to make it more power supply friendly
  • Added “Sag” control to simulate dying battery
  • Added “Comp” control that in some settings will compress the clipping
  • Added a simple “Tone” control to roll of high end
  • Added a truer “Swell” control that will cause the output to lower then slowly rise after hard picking
  • Removed the original “Fuzz” control and added a new version that was more effective IMHO


I tried to not do anything that would break the uniqueness of the circuit meaning adding controls or bits from other more classic circuits. I found the response of the Si circuit quite similar to the Ge version so I think I succeed in keeping the spirit of the circuit intact.

I did not include the treble boaster. I’m sure it could be added if one wanted to create the combo if they wish. This may help those who were interested in building the circuit but did not want to deal with less common parts.

Zonk Against The Machine Schematic

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